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'''Yellow Belmont''' is a 22-year-old soldier from the First Earth Recapture Force who later joined with Stick Bernard and his team after hiding in public as a female singer.


According to side-materials and inteviews for the show, Yellow reluctantly enlisted in the ill-fated First Earth Recapture Mission from the urging of his father who served as one of its commanders in the fleet. He would crash land in South America, where he was nursed and protected by Carla as the town was known to work with Inbits in hunts for Mars Base soldiers. Eventually both of them became acquainted and became smitten with each other. One day, both Carla and Yellow planned to leave the place together until Yellow decided to go on a separate way to fulfill his duty to liberate the Earth rather than accompanying her.

Due to his feminine appearance, he was able to easily impersonate himself as a female singer while spying on Inbit occupation. Thanks to his time as a singer, he was able to gain reputation to either distract the guards or persuade the locals into aiding the group. Years later, he would meet Stick and Ray at the bar--latter being disappointed that his favorite female singer is actually a man in disguise.

By the Love Live and Alive OVA of Mospeada, Yellow would stay with Solzie in a cabin on Earth as the group parted their way.