Stick Bernard is one of the soldiers from Mars Base sent to liberate Earth from the Inbits. Unfortunately, the majority of the fleet was destroyed that claimed the life of his love Marlene and left him as one of the few survivors. He would later gather a group consisting of Ray, Houqet, Yellow, Jim, and Mint and proceed to Refless Point located in North America.

Biography Edit

Like many people of his generation, Stick was born on Mars that had many refugees who flee there when Inbits conquered Earth. As a result, he had little to know experience with his people's homeplanet save for anecdotes and mission briefings. He would attend Mars Base Academy where he would idolize Major Johnathan who took part in First Earth Recapture Mission. At some point, he began a relationship with Marlene before proposing to her onboard the Horizont Shuttle right before Second Earth Recapture Mission. The entire mission turned for the worse when Inbits began swarming the fleet as they descend towards Earth. Inbits took advantage of the vulnerability many ships, one of which had his fiancee Marlene on board. While there were survivors from the tragic occurence, all of them were scattered across both continents with Stick ending up in South America with his heavily-damaged Legioss. He began to panic from rain and later thunderstorms, which was a new experience as they didn't exist on Mars. Later, he found respite to continue his mission when he open the holographic pendant that had the projection of Marlene, who had already planned for the wedding. He would later gather his gears and went towards general direction of Refless Point with his Mospeada.

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