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Shinobu Takeuchi is a reporter attached to 36th Moon Base Squad to record the battle against Inbits for both tactical analysis and wartime news back on colonies.


Much of Shinobu's story is ommited save for her work for a News Group on Moon Base, which assigned her to 36th Squad before their demise. She was given a Cyclone armor similiar to Houqet and a video recorder. Outside of her armor, she wore a red body suit with black lines and boots for casual attire. Shinobu was shown to be cold as she show little to no emotions towards her dead colleagues while focusing on her assignment. This attitude combined with her work having elements of making a public spectacle rather than real effort on their mission came at odds with Stick Bernard. Despite all of this, she was able to bring intel of upcoming assaults along with heavy equipments that would prove useful to the group. Furthermore, she did took photos of the group despite being secondary to her main task about Inbits and gathering tactical data. During their mission, she not only able to record the result of Synchro cannon but also the fact about Inbit's creation of human-like pilots. In the end, she was caught in an explosion from an Inbit drone's weapons that led her to be fatally wounded but not before thanking Stick for helping her along with earning the respect for taking risk to gather intel for upcoming assault.


  • Shinobu Takeuchi is the only character in Mospeada to have Japanese name.
  • In Robotech, Shinobu Takeuchi was changed to Sue Graham and her occupation was switched to an Intelligence Officer for Jupiter Division while retaining her cold personality and her role as a recorder.