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Mars Base is a series of colonies on planet Mars, where majority of military in Earth Liberation Forces are concentrated.


Mars was colonized by Earth, which its technological and interstellar endeavor were fueled by the discovery of a new hydrogen-based fuel called HBT, in the first half of 21st century. By 2050, the planet would become a major center of politics and military after Inbit's invasion of Earth led to many refugees fleeing to the planet and planned to liberate their homeplanet in decades to come. One of the major settlement is Mars City, where Marlene found a wedding gown for the wedding she planned with Stick until her demise. It would become a rally point for First Earth Recapture Mission in 2080, Second Earth Recapture Mission in 2083, and Third Earth Recapture Mission in 2084; first two ended in annihilation of their fleets and the third nearly suffering the same fate until Refless ceased hostilities with Earth by leaving the planet.


  • In Robotech, Mars Base military was dubbed as "Mars Division" due to having M as their insignia
  • According to the episode, Jonathan's Elegy, Mars Base was engaged in conflict with secessionists and pirates in Jupiter and Saturn respectively but no clear date except for inference based on the age of Stig--who was a child at the time of ceremony to honor Johnathan that would mark it at least 9 or 10 years before the series' present time.
    • This was explained with briefings on upcoming Genesis Breaker Mospeada, where the titular Breakers were formerly a unit organized to suppress rebellion and maintain the Mars' authority.