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Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (機甲創世記モスピーダ Kikō Sōseiki Mosupīda literally "Armored Genesis MOSPEADA") is a television series made by Tatsunoko and Artmic. It was later adapted as the third part of Robotech by Carl Macek and Harmony Gold.


Without warning in the year 2050, an alien race called the Inbits arrive, invade and successfully conquer the Earth. Years later and despite brutal past failures, the inhabitants of Mars Colony send out yet another desperate Liberation Force to try and reclaim their lost home world. The fleet is all but destroyed. However, a lone survivor, Stick Bernard, finds himself on Earth. Gathering a mere handful of resistance fighters, Stick journeys on towards the Inbit's headquarters at Reflex Point in an attempt to gather intelligence and, possibly, discover a way to beat them.

Episode Guide[]

Air Date
# MOSPEADA Episode Robotech Episode
1983.10.02 1 Prelude to the Offensive
61. The Invid Invasion
1983.10.09 2 The Broken-Hearted Girl's March失恋少女のマーチShitsuren Shōjo no Māchi 62. The Lost City
1983.10.16 3 真昼の決闘コンサートMahiru no Kettou Konsāto 63. Lonely Soldier Boy
1983.10.23 4 気分はサバイバル・ソングKibun wa Sabaibaru Songu 64. Survival
1983.10.30 5 Live Inn Plunder Operation|ライブ・イン・強奪作戦Raibu In Gōdatsu Sakusen 65. Curtain Call
1983.11.06 6 Support Girl Blues突ッ張り少女ブルースTsuppari Shōjo Burūsu 66. Hard Times
1983.11.13 7 Fallen Hero's Ragtime亡き勇者のラグタイムNaki Yūsha no Ragutaimu 67. Paper Hero
1983.11.20 8 Jonathan's ElegyジョナサンのエレジーJonasan no Erejī 68. Eulogy
1983.11.27 9 Lost World Fugueロスト・ワールド遁走曲Rosuto Wārudo Tonsōkyoku 69. The Genesis Pits
1983.12.04 10 Requiem of the Battlefield戦場のレクイエムSenjō no Rekuiemu 70. Enter Marlene
1983.12.11 11 Lullaby of Distant Hope遠い希望のララバイTōi Kibō no Rarabai 71. The Secret Route
1983.12.18 12 Fortress Breakthrough Boogie要塞突破ブギYōsai Toppa Bugi 72. The Fortress
1983.12.25 13 Sandstorm Playback砂嵐プレイバックSuna-arashi Pureibakku 73. Sandstorm
1984.01.08 14 Mint's Wedding Marchミントの結婚行進曲Minto no Kekkonkōshinkyoku 74. Annie's Wedding
1984.01.15 15 The Ballad of Breaking Up仲間割れのバラードNakamaware no Barādo 75. Separate Ways
1984.01.22 16 Trap Reggaeトラップ・レゲエTorappu Regē 76. Metamorphosis
1984.01.29 17 White Night Serenade白夜のセレナーデHakuya no Serenāde 77. The Midnight Sun
1984.02.05 18 The Nature of Old Soldier's Polka老兵たちのポルカRōhei-tachi no Poruka 78. Ghost Town
1984.02.12 19 Forte of the Glacier City氷河都市のフォルテHyōga Toshi no Forute 79. Frost Bite
1984.02.19 20 Birthday Song of the Night Sky夜空のバースディ・ソングYozora no Bāsudi Songu 80. Birthday Blues
1984.02.26 21 Arpeggio of Murder殺しのアルペジオKoroshi no Arupejio 81. Hired Gun
1984.03.04 22 New York Bebopニューヨーク・ビーバップNyū Yōku Bībappu 82. The Big Apple
1984.03.11 23 Black Hair's Partita黒髪のパルティータKokuhatsu no Parutīta 83. Reflex Point
1984.03.18 24 The Dark Finale闇のフィナーレYami no Fināre 84. Dark Finale
1984.03.25 25 Symphony of Light光のシンフォニーHikari no Shinfonī 85. Symphony of Light




On July 28, 2016, the un-remastered version of Genesis Climber MOSPEADA became available on Amazon Video with English subtitles.[1]