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Box Cover of New Model for Genesis Breakers 2083

Genesis Breakers Mospeada 2083 is upcoming project for Genesis Climber Mospeada franchise, which has been a new work since Live Love Alive since 1993. The series was announced in 2019 by Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma. The series involve a unit known as "Genesis Breakers" who are deployed during the Second Earth Recapture Mission to investigate the Inbits.


As of now, the upcoming project is a side story occuring at the same time as Mospeada during the Second Earth Recapture Mission in 2083 involving a covert group known as "Special Unit Genesis Breakers", who are tasked with investigating the Inbits who now controlled the Earth. All members are given callsigns bsaed on their unit with number (Breaker-1, Breaker-2, and Breaker-3) with Gate--a 19 years old operative with callsign of "Breaker-1"--being the current focus for the art. All of them are equipped with the advanced Dark Armor, which is designed for stealth operation while retaining the major features of MOSPEADA. Furthermore, the details of the Mospeada universe has been expanded with Mars Central Government being the leading office in Mars Base and the Intelligence Bureau acting as both espionage and paramilitary unit involved in suppressing dissent and maintaining Mars' central governance along with forming the titular Special Unit Genesis Breakers.