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Earth Liberation Forces are units designated for liberation of Earth after its conquest by Inbits since 2050. They conducted three separate invasions in 2080, 2083, and 2084; first two of which ended in failure while the final invasion fleet survived due to Inbit's leader--Refless--leaving the Earth after learning the error of her ways and leaving the planet for good.


First Earth Recapture Mission[]

First Earth Liberation Fleet in Orbit of Mars

In 2080, Mars Base and other interstellar colonies would launch a massive campaign on Earth. This operation fielded two new innovations: Legioss fighter with capability to transform between a mecha and a fighter and MOSPEADA, or Military Operation Soldier Protection Emergency Aviation Dive Armor, which allow soldier to transform between a motorcycle and a power armor. While Mars Base was a major participant, Jupiter Base may have been a member due to many of their equipments--especially MOSPEADA owned by Houqet Et Rose--having J insignia in contrast to M insignia of their counterpart. Unfortunately, entire mission ended with near decimation of the fleet with few survivors making it to the surface. The remains of the fleet also appeared in the prologue montage of the first episode.

Yellow, Johnathan, and Jim were few of the soldiers from that campaign along with a group of elderly and middle-aged soldiers from The Nature of Old Soldier's Polka. Their uniform consisted of blue-grey overalls with a color trim from shoulder to elbow, light blue color, black belt, Black Mars Base Insignia on the left side of their overall's chest, and brown boots while their fighter and armor color are blue.

Second Earth Recapture Mission[]

Second Earth Liberation Orbit over Earth

In 2083, 3 years after the first disastrous mission, Mars Base would become a focal point of second liberation attempt on Earth. This was the event occured in the first episode Prelude to the Offensive. Newer models of MOSPEADA and Legioss were deployed along with Horizont Shuttle. At first, the operation seems to go smoothly until Inbits attacked them near the atmosphere. Due to interference of Inbits on their equipment and being caught in the surface, majority of the fleet were annihilated with landing troops and fighters scattered all across the surface.

Stick was one of the survivors of said mission, which claimed the life of his fiancé Marlene, along with survivors of the group participating in Third Earth Recapture Mission as ground assault aspect of the mission. Their uniforms has Blue-grey overalls but with shorter sleeve and belly area with colored (with female variant being a skirt with said trims at the lower end), red-colored under shirt, brown belt, and boots with dark soles and shin braces while their fighter and armor color are teal-green.

Third Earth Recapture Mission[]

Third Earth Liberation Fleet launching from Earth

Not long after the disaster of the second attempt, the military commenced Third Earth Recapture Mission in 2084 that occured in the last two episodes "Dark Finale" and "Symphony of Light". In contrast to two previous missions, the mission planned to launch Neutro Missles on Refless Point, which would destroy it along with large parts of Earth's surface, if the mission ended in disaster. This mission saw the deployment of Shadow Fighters and Synchro Cannons, former allowing them to approach the Earth's surface without detection and latter allowing them enough fire power to destroy Inbits in large numbers. In addition, the mission saw deployment of unmanned variants of Dark Legioss, which allow the fighter to maneuver better than their manned counterparts. In contrast to previous two missions, the mission saw progress as Stick and his resistance group managing to break through Refless Point into the interior. However, the Inbit began to gain an edge due to their inexhaustible numbers in an attrition that would lead to reluctant launching of missles to Earth. During that time, Aisha--daughter of Refless--convinced her mother to retreat from the Earth along with her experience with goodness of humanity after spending time with them. Realizing her own errors, she and her willing Inbits left Earth while banishing the missles that marked the humanity's reclamation of Earth after 30 years.

The survivors of both first and second fleet joined with the Third Liberation Fleet. Their uniforms is consisted of overalls with designs similiar to Second Earth Liberation Fleet except the overall's color being in darker blue color with their armor and fighter color are dark-blue.

Units and Organizations[]

Mars Base[]

Mars made up the majority of military personnel and equipment in the effort for Earth Liberation Forces due to its large population and resources. As a result, every characters from Earth Liberation Forces have Mars Base insignia, a white 'M' letter inside a reverse black triangle.

Jupiter Base[]

While not having significant presence, Jupiter Base also participated in Earth Liberation Forces. As non of the characters from that branch is present, their uniform specifications are unknown. Their insignia is a black 'J' letter inside a black heart outline based on Houqet's gears.

Special Unit Genesis Breakers[]

Breakers are a covert unit in upcoming Genesis Breakers Mospeada 2083, which was deployed during the failed Second Earth Recapture Mission to study the Inbits and possibly stopping the "Genesis". They were seen by other military in negative manner due to their past involvement in suppression of rebellion the colonies and holding the "license to kill". During their time on Earth, they are armed with prototype Dark Armor designed for stealth and infiltration.


  • In Robotech: The New Generation, they were dubbed as Robotech Expeditionary Force's Mars Division to justify their M logo on their uniforms.